Thursday, August 5, 2010

About town

La Chocolaterie

The old wool shop

Houses overlooking the river

It is a fact - I hate food shopping every week! I am useless at thinking of new things to make for dinner (not that I do much of the cooking) and I always forget to write a list.

This week, I decided to integrate a trip about town all on my own. I dropped the kids off at my mum and step-dads house and wandered around taking photos, having a coffee and peeking in the cute boutiques.
The food shop didn't seem too labourious and the children were happy playing football and swinging on the hammock - didn't miss me at all.

The photos were taken in one of the towns close by. Argenton sur Creuse - Argenton on the Creuse river. I want one of those houses overlooking the river, though they look they will fall down.


  1. it looks just gorgeous there, wow! and dropping the kids off to go off on your own, peek into shops and drink coffee sounds just heavenly!

  2. i love the view:) so nice and fabulous!


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