Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Harvest Time Part One

We've been busy the last couple of weeks picking fruit, tomatoes, potatoes, chillies etc and also busy freezing them and storing them. The potato harvest was particulary successful and will hopefully see us through well into next year. The tomatoes are happily growing in abundance in the green house and the freezer is getting full.

Unfortunately, there are no walnuts to be seen or plums for that matter. Possibly due to a late frost. I was looking forward to making cookies and brownies with the walnuts. There are still many mirabelles on the trees which the wasps and hornets are feasting on - if I wasn't so scared of them (a hornet landed on Bella the other day - naturally I freaked out and Scott ran to the rescue!) I would have picked many more...never mind.

Anyway, we are getting better at this year by year - our 4th year now. If I was more prepared I would research preserving things a bit better than just freezing them. Definately next year!


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