Sunday, September 5, 2010

Brocante Sunday

Off I go again. Early Sunday morning. This time to a little village - Gargilesse Dampierre. I prefer the smaller brocantes. More than 70 stalls and I begin to feel overwhelmed. The smaller ones seem to have more of a relaxed atmosphere.

It's nearing the end of the brocante season and there isn't as much out there compared to early on in the Spring, but I did manage to find some lovely things. The main one being a hand knitted dress for Bella. I got chatting to the lady selling it and it turned out to be one of her daughters - now grown up. And as we chatted more I discovered that she was the teacher of Sam's class in our village! She lived 40 kms away from School and each morning she would wake her 5 children, put them in the car - still in pyjamas. When they arrived at school, she would dress them and give them breakfast, just in time for class. She taught there for 27 years! Now, I have something to pass on to Bella, something that someone made with much love and care :)


  1. what a beautiful dress - i can't wait to see bella model it when the weather is right! that's a sure synchronicity that you bought it from that woman who formerly taught at your son's school. i bet she was just as happy to sell it to you as you were to buy it from her. lovely pictures...

  2. very cool story, i love that! what a cute dress and i love that red clock...sounds like a great Sunday!

  3. Beautiful story, I love the knitted dress too its gorgeous!


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