Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Saturday I'm grateful for....a little me time

Each week, I drop Bella off at my mum's house (Sam is usually at school) and I take myself off to town to do the weekly shop. I do sometimes squeeze in a little lunch and a wander around the shops. I do love the French brasseries where lunch time is the busiest time as most of French eat their main meal at lunchtime. It's the most activity I see with living in a quiet, small village - and I need a bit of city action once in a while.
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  1. This sounds like something to really be grateful for! I love your use of the word 'wander' because that's something I so rarely do by myself anymore and it's one of the things I miss most. That quiet, reflective time by yourself where your ambling along, sort of shopping, sort of thinking. Really quality time with yourself!!

    Thanks for linking up. I've always found my Saturday Grateful to be a very grounding and uplifting time in the week. I hope you all do too!! x

  2. Your pictures, are so beautiful. It sounds so wonderful, wandering around on your own. My children are driving off a little crazy today, I'm dreaming of some alone time.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day!
    Your photographs are beautiful!

  4. I love how you processed these photos. That lunch looks delicious. And the alone time sounds heavenly.


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