Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn Colours - Orange

Some photos of autum colours. Today, orange - for taking part in Poppytalk's colour week.

The sunrise en route to the Sunday brocante.
New wool I bought for knitting Bella 'another' cardigain - yes, I can hear some of you laughing!

Other than that. I can see I am going to be busy moving everything from Bella's reach. She is somehow moving around in a sort of shuffle/crawl/turning movement. At the moment, she's determined on clearing the bookshelf - which isn't too serious as thankfully, books are not's only a matter of time.


  1. Determined little 'buckle x

  2. It is bizarre, we don't actually see her move because it's not obvious, but somehow she manages it. x

  3. Love the orange yarn shot. I am hoping to take part in a photo scavenger hunt on a blog (can't remember which) and one of the things to find is "orange." Sounds like it's similar to what you're participating in?

  4. Orange is the perfect autumn color! Good luck with the cardigan.

  5. It is all green and white and blue (my idea of the colours of Spring) over where I am, so the orange theme is like a blast from the past for me :)

    Good luck with the crawling stage. It always amazes me what they can get their hands on!

    Thanks for your comment on my post over at Maxabella loves today. It gave me a chance to come and check out your lovely blog!


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