Thursday, October 14, 2010

Less is more

Last week, Sam's naughtiness peaked. By naughty, I mean not listening to us and answering us back. We felt we needed to take action and make him understand who is the boss! Our lounge was full of his toys. He had so many he didn't know what to play with. He was a 'little' upset (for about 5 minutes) when Scott took charge and calmly took every single one upstairs. Sam was allowed to choose 1 toy and if, only if he deserved it he got to choose another toy. On the other hand, if he was naughty 1 toy by 1 would get taken back upstairs.

It's worked so well. He appreciates his toys and he enjoys going upstairs to choose another one and it's interesting to see what he will choose. I'm happy to say in the last 7 days he's only had 1 toy confiscated again. He seems a lot happier too, because he is rewarded often and he is doing things, because of this which please us. It just shows he doesn't need all these toys - at least all at the same time. A bonus is, that the house is a little tidier too!


  1. Funny what a little motivation will do, isn't it!

  2. You are so smart to do this with him. I'm happy to hear it's working so well. The power of positive reinforcement. There really is nothing like it. :)

  3. Sounds like this worked well! He is such a cutie!!

  4. Ah, I'd love to see the decision making of the mini buckle x


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