Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Playtime and Exploring

Bella is enjoying herself immensly, crawling about the house and exploring places that haven't before been accessible. I have been placing toys randomly throughout the house (they are usually spead everywhere anyway) so to try and keep her amused and hopefully distract her from the things we don't want her to touch. Which, won't work, we know :)


  1. i may tell you this every time, but she is soooo cute! we have the same little kitchen toys that we bought here. this really is a little french island i'm living on, isn't it? lol... do you ever shop at promod? i looove that store.

  2. and you're so far away but it's funny how many things are similar. Yes I do love promod! I have a sneaky look in when I'm passing.

  3. I love playtime picture. Your chubby is so cute.
    Mine is turning 3 next friday.
    Do you like paper dolls? I posted a free printable yesterday.


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