Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Saturday, I'm grateful for...mornings like these

While the boys are asleep, Bella and I are having a relaxing Saturday morning. Outside is glorious. I don't mind that it's freezing and my furry boots, strictly for indoors are drenched with the dew from the grass. And, having a nice cup of coffee in the little courtyard. Super :)


  1. What a wonderful image you evoke with your writing and photos.

    I'm looking forward to receiving lots more 'Gifts of Serendipity' from you as I follow your adventures.

    x Felicity

  2. What a beautiful morning. Your pictures are gorgeous as always :)

  3. Gorgeous morning photos. Stunning.
    I'd be very grateful too ;)

  4. Beautiful photos! Hope you have an equally beautiful day!

  5. these images are just fantastic...loving the little bird shot sweet

    Gill xo

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful morning with us. x


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