Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Saturday I'm Grateful for....presents from school

This Saturday I'm so grateful for this little black cat.

Sam made it at school. I love it when he brings his creations home. It's one of the things I was looking forward to becoming a parent. To encourage him and boost his confidence these are put up around the house. His squiggles are always framed and exhibited for everyone to admire.
He also came home with a point card - awarding him 1 bear point. What for, we don't quite know!


  1. it's one of my favorite things, too. what a cute little cat! : )

  2. I am also desperate to know what the bear point was for!

  3. That is the coolest cat. And in black perfect for Halloween ;)
    I've bookmarked it and hopefully I will try to make it with my daughter ;)


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