Tuesday, November 9, 2010

12 months ago today..

A quick read.
Blog update.
A bit of decorating!
Reorganising daddy's filing.
Unravelling my packaging.
Isabella Jessie (Isabella after my great-grandma and Jessie after Scott's grandma) pushed her way out into the big wide world - promptly on her due date, 12 months ago today. With our bundle of chubby mischievousness, there is never a dull moment. She is kissed and cuddled at every opportunity and her big brother absolutely idolises her. Unfortunately for him, Bella thinks it is highly amusing to attack him whenever he tries to kiss or cuddle her. But this doesn't stop him quickly squeezing in as many kisses as he dare risk.

She was treated to a lovely evening at nana and grandad's house who laid on a beautiful spread of sausage rolls, cheesy pastries, gingerbread men, trifle and birthday cake...followed by a bonfire and fireworks! Both babies are exhausted and fast asleep with the excitement.

Whilst Bella and I were in the house alone the other day, I thought it would be fun to follow her and observe what she busied herself with and she didn't disapoint!


  1. What precious shots!
    Happy Birthday Bella!

  2. Beautiful! I also have an Isabela.

    Happy bday to your daughter!

  3. she is so so cute! happy birthday! i love her little foot in the first pic and her sweet smile in the last. your kids are truly adorable.


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