Monday, November 22, 2010

A little bit of chubbyness

She is just one lovely bundle of chubbyness this little girl of mine. And progressing she is - I have recently noticed her impersonating us. Sam is always amazed when she does something new. I'm sure he thinks she will stay a baby forever.
Yesterday, whilst Scott was talking on the phone, Bella was sat in her highchair, hand to ear babbling away and nodding her head. So funny.
Whilst I was demonstrating the art of juggling (badly) to Sam, I noticed Bella had picked up two of her baby skittles and was throwing them up in the air - probably to demonstrate how bad my juggling attempt actually was....When she sees me dancing to a tune, she grabs her wooden spoon and bangs it on her drum (old pan) as percussion. And the kisses she blows when saying goodbye or night night.
I can see there's a lot going on in those big blue eyes of hers....and most of it is probably naughtyness!


  1. what a little sweetie pie...
    I can just imagine you guys dancing to her beats ;)

  2. Love this stage in their lives. I remember when my daughter was chubby cute, I couldn't even see her wrists! Once she started walking, she grew tall too quickly, and the weight evened out - the baby chubbiness is all gone. :( I wish I could go back to those times, and kiss Ava's hands and feet again! they grow up too fast!!


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