Thursday, November 4, 2010

This week...

A little re-cap of the week ~

  • A little trip to the english library to re-stock on novels, gardening, cooking and childrens books.
  • A little gardening - i.e. raking more flippin leaves!
  • A small victory for me at the clothes shop. Arguing (in french!) and standing my ground with a pair of faulty jeans. Without a receipt!
  • Listening to Sam reciting the days of the week in French - so sweet.
  • Watching Sam drawing bats and planes on the chalk wall.
  • The amount of toys and books I bought for nearly nothing from the second hand shop. Especially the little case I bought for Sam to put all his craft bit and bobs into. Of course, he doesn't want to use it for this purpose, but instead stuffing it full of toys and carting it everywhere he goes.
  • Singing and dancing to french children's songs. I thought it was about time I made an effort into what Sam hums and sings to after school. Now I know..."cacouhette"..can't get it out of my head.
  • More blue cakes.
  • Autumn walks.

...oh and Sam declared very loudly and suddenly.."I like girls I do". The things he says really really cracks me up :)

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  1. this is a great post. i love it! and really - way to go on the arguing in french and standing your ground without a receipt. that sounds like something i would have to go through here.... you're very funny andrea - i love reading your posts. flippin leaves.. lol


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