Monday, December 6, 2010

Poorly playtime

The winter bugs have well and truly paid a visit to our house, as probably many others. We spent the weekend indoors, infront of the fire playing. We have a wooden truck full of colourful wooden blocks that I picked up from the charity shop, intended for this rainy day. Board games donated by nana Carol, my mum's friend. Snakes and ladders is definately Sams favourite at the moment. Playing percussion with the old pan and spoon. And, finally building extremely tall lego towers with daddy. The little ones almost forgot they were poorly. Now I fear it's our turn to feel ill...hmph. x


  1. ezra and i have been feeling poorly around these parts too. amazing how the little ones always manage to continue playing and look healthy with those rosy cheeks and happy smiles while the adults just want to go to sleep. at least that was me yesterday. i took ezra to the wading pool yesterday and just laid on the edge while he waded away. i hope your bug doesn't last too long. ours was just a few day visitor.
    p.s. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog... xxx

  2. such cute photos in front of your roaring fire.


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