Friday, December 10, 2010

Village lights

In a sleepy, small village commune like ours (about 80 inhabitants), it always amazes me that an effort is made to decorate the 'Place de l'Eglise' with Christmas lights. As long as we have our own Major then I think this will continue. We have 2 brothers who are twins and have lived in the village all their lives. It is thanks to them that these specials things happen.

Obviously, Sam thought these were a m a z i n g! and it was difficult to extract him from the snowman. Bella, who has just recently started pointing and anything and everything was in her little element! x


  1. a nice little story and so sweet that sam thought they were amazing! we also have one road here with a string of lights that canopies the street and they make ezra so excited! isn't it great to start them off small like this?

  2. OHh I like the second photo.
    Everything is so pretty.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Via soule mama

  3. So pretty and magical ;)
    We have a huge lights festival happening in Niagara Falls each year. We should go - it's cold but we'll go

  4. beautiful images... that's one of the things that i love about Christmas!


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