Monday, January 24, 2011

The day after the weekend

I always feel I need to have a quiet day on a Monday after the weekend madness. So, we're taking it easy today. NO decorating, no errands, but maybe a nice walk later on. Bella is working her way through my magazines...she seems to be oblivious there is a corner of the room full of toys.


  1. ohh definitely! gorgeous pics.
    we normally do that on a monday but had to go to ikea for a return..ahhhh, craziness.
    tomorrow will be our substitute monday

    enjoy Andrea, have a great week ♥

  2. pretty pretty... what is the oil for in the top picture? do you put it in the candle for aromatherapy?

  3. Great photos- hope you have a nice relaxing Monday!

  4. Sounds great Andrea.
    I seem like I already did Nothing over the weekend so I actually need to get my butt off lazy mode and catch up today ;)

  5. Sounds to me like a perfect way to spend a Monday! Wonderful photographs!!

  6. ahhhh...sunlight! how i need some in the very worst way! lovely photos.


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