Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The five minute park trip

We were crazy! To think it was a good idea to take the children to the park. With the sun streaming through the windows, we were stupidly decieved that it was warm outside. And when we all trooped out of the front door, we still thought it was ok. "It'll be ok, we're wrapped up warm". In what felt like artic conditions (ok, a slight exaggeration), I practically jogged around the lake pushing a procrastinating Bella in her pushchair (she wanted to crawl on the floor and collect leaves) whilst Scott and Sam braved the bitterly cold wind at the play area. Promising Sam we'd bring him back very soon, we piled back into the car and drove home to forget about our park disaster! x


  1. brrrr. that pond does look cold. but, bella looks happy! sending you sunshine and warmth!

  2. Oh, but those five minutes look like they were absolutely wonderful!
    Fantastic shots!


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