Sunday, January 9, 2011


perusing the menu

Saturday was Sam day. My mum and step-pops treated us for lunch - a Christmas treat. We decided to tie in my vintage searching with lunch. Also, we thought it would be nice to have some time just with Sam. Just a few hours giving him our full attention. Bella was deposited at nana and grandads and off we set - Sam sporting his favourite tank top. Sam loved it. He was enjoying so much trying to find objects for my shop that he completely missed the toy shop area..phew! Leaving with 2 bags of lovely old things and fabrics ,we set off in search for a nice backstreet restaurant. We settled for an italian restaurant, ordered lunch and played table football in the bar afterwards. A very nice day. Bella was very happy playing with nana making new "moo" noises with her pull along musical cow.


  1. What a great treat for Sam... and his parents :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect day, I bet Sam loved every moment.

  3. What a wonderful day!
    Wonderful photographs!

  4. so sweet! i think samday may have to become a regular occurance in your family! and of course when she's old enough to care - a bella day. : ) thanks for checking in on me. ; ) ezra has been sick all week, but i am fine. i was spared on this one. so was michael. much to our relief! now ez is almost 100% - although he only wants to venture out as far as the balcony right now and refused a trip to the bakery this morning. i am enjoying the rest after our long visit with family and preparing for another week of fun when my friend and her baby come to visit us in 9 days. can't wait to see a post of some more treasures and see what you whip up with the fabric now that you're sewing machine is warm!


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