Friday, January 28, 2011

Yesterday morning

Driving to take Sam to maternelle yesterday morning, I had to stop and take photos of the mist starting to clear in the fields. I tend to take my camera everywhere with me. You just never know....I am teaching Sam about sunrise and sunsets at the moment. He seems transfixed with the sun 'going to bed' and moon appearing.

Speaking of learning. He is taking so much in at the moment. We are always careful not to push him too much as play I think is more important for him at his age. But, his teacher told me yesterday that he is speaking french naturally now and when I heard him switch from one language to other last week I wanted to cry. It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. His french accent is so natural. And, last night he very proudly declared "me, am french and anglais".


  1. oh that is so precious! i think being bilingual is a wonderful gift. sam and bella are very fortunate to have this. my mom raised my brother and i speaking german and english. we spent every summer there growing up. i tried but gave up speaking german to ezra. he would tell me to stop. but, at least here he says bonjour and cava and merci and bonsoir to the french here.

  2. So sweet what he told you :o) And your pictures are beautyful!

  3. The simplicity of a child's thoughts is so very beautiful.
    So are these wonderful photographs!
    Have a wonderful weekend Andrea!


  4. How incredibly sweet! I swear there is nothing better than being bilingual. My mother's native language was French, but my dad didn't speak so she never taught us to speak it. I have always been disappointed about that. You are giving your son such a gift!

  5. The mist pictures are beautiful and eerie at the same time ♥

  6. Oh Andrea, that story is so beautiful. The getting of language is exciting enough, so goes double for two at once!


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