Saturday, February 26, 2011

First drawings

Bella has taken on a new hobby - not that she has many hobbies of course apart from eating bread and throwing things! She has started drawing - yay! She loves it. Either sitting in her high chair at the table or on the floor. A particular favourite is drawing on the chalk wall. She does like to try and eat the chalk and crayons, so we have to keep a careful eye on her but if Sam is about, he is sure to come and tell us.


  1. Look at all Bella's beautiful curly hair! x x

  2. Yay, she has picked the best hobby of all! Love it... just dont' let here draw on the sofa, it just doesn't come out! x

  3. So exciting! Drawing is the best when you little.

  4. this was my favorite developmental phase to begin along with the love of books (which came first) to see in ezra. i love the light in your pictures and always the children's clothing! : )

  5. Always so wonderful to have a big brother!!
    these photographs are wonderful Andrea, and will become such wonderful memories!

    I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


  6. Yay indeed! Bertie has just started drawing/scribbling too! It's so nice to see him with crayons (even though he tries to eat them sometimes also)! Love Bella's leggings! Bertie has those ones too. I do find that people mistake him for a girl when he rocks the leggings!


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