Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goings on...

It's wet and miserable outside and there is so much to organise outside in the garden and raised beds, that we're itching to be outside. Scott has planted the onions already and I cleared out the other beds. The raised beds are just outside the kitchen which makes it easily accessible. This part of the garden has been fenced off away from the cheeky chickens, so they don't have to be locked away in their pen.

Bella is teething. Badly. Every tooth is pushing through and her gums are swollen red. As you can imagine she is not happy! Sam has been good with her, trying to amuse her when she is at her worst. He is patient and understanding most of the time. His new game is playing hide and seek with a ball of string - following the string to find whoever is hiding! Kind of defeats the object, but hey ho. We need to find new sewing activities for him too. His latest is the boat sewn onto paper. We're hoping the rain doesn't last too long...please.


  1. love string game- and what a cute little face!

  2. Your pictures are always like a peaceful oasis. I love the way you capture your days. That pic of your little girlie on the floor is so beautiful. I love the way her hair looks all aglow. Hope her teethies are feeling better soon.

  3. poor bella! look at those cheeks! i love sam's sewing projects. you make me long for a garden too... i hope your weather allows more outdoor time soon!

  4. oh Bella, you poor little love. Such a cute photo of her, she is so adorable. But teething is such a horrible time for everyone, I remember it well. It's rainng here too... bloomin weather. Supposed to be meeting friends this afternoon for a play in the park. Hmmm looks like we will be getting wet. Lou x


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