Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts and daisies

Sam doesn't really know yet what valentines is, but he loves heart shapes any time of the year. His favourite food is ham sandwiches and now heart shaped ham sandwiches. He's taken up sewing...napkins on paper! With help from me of course.

We've been told he is very "amoureuse" at school - always hugging and kissing. Maybe nexy year he'll be making his little copine, Marie a valentines gift.

Happy valentines day


  1. wow! i love that he's sewing! ezra watched me sew all my little valentine creations and wanted to and i had a little embroidery kit for him that was just right - maybe a tad advanced - but he did it with barely any help. i'm going to post what i made soon. happy valentine's day! i enjoyed a macaron from our favorite bakery for breakfast today. (must be your own valentine when your husband is in medical school)

  2. These pictures are just gorgeous. I love that your little guy is sewing. Do you think you can send him my way. I could use some help with these tunics. :)

  3. that is beautiful! he sounds like the sweetest little guy.
    his sewing looks a bit like mine.

    happy hearts & daisies sweet little guy ♥


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