Thursday, February 3, 2011

The well in our garden

Outside, just to right of our front door is a fresh water well. It looks like a small stone hut, made from the same stone as the house. It has a wooden door and a large metal handle to lever up the bucket. We use it mostly in the summer when watering the garden. The water is crystal clear and last year when the pipes froze, it was our saviour.

When we did the renovations to the house a few years ago, we discovered pipes under the driveway which used to be connected to the boiler. It must have a cost cutting arrangement to avoid the water bills. We don't like to use the well too much at the moment with little people around. Most of the time the door is safely shut away from inquisitive children. We don't know exactly how deep it is but going by the rope it looks a pretty big drop.

We added a few sparkly stones to the rockery on top of the well. It thrives without any maintenance, which is good. We were fortunate enough to move into a house with a ready made, well planned out garden.


  1. What a find Andrea!
    Don't blame you for covering it over though. Truly a danger for little ones who simply love climbing into things!
    Love the geodes you used to decorate it!

  2. maybe in several years, you can open it up again. the sparkly rocks are gorgeous... and it looks so warm and sunny there. i'm swooning.

  3. you live in a fairy tale. have i said that before? such a magical world you share with your family.

  4. I'd be really nervous about a well around little ones too. Brings to mind scary stories for sure.

    Your pictures are beautiful, as always. I love how you make them into little squares like that.


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