Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bella boo

I caught Bella finishing off my cup of tea the other day. Now when she sees a cup of tea she makes a dash to grab the cup.

Her new thing is to sulk. She puts her head down but can't resist peeking. Eventually she cracks and starts to smile. Too funny.

The other day she said her first french word. "Donne". She was trying to persuade Sam to give her the ball.

Her favourite english word of the moment is "tractor" and she goes crazy when she sees one drive past. Sam used to do the same. Her other favourite phrases are "oh yes", "na" for no, "ba bye" and "na night".



  1. So cute! One of my favorite words is 'tractor', especially 'old tractor' :)

  2. this is just the best. i love blogging for these memories that you will all too soon forget (as you well know)... i wish i had begun blogging the day ezra was born. i heart bella boo.

  3. So cute - E loves tea too, and I can't remember when I last got to drink a full cup to myself! So sweet - lovely pics as always.

  4. Me and Bella share the same favourite phrases we even sulk the same way!;D
    Lovely photos Andrea, She is a cute pickle! x

  5. Oh she is so adorable. Both of them are in fact! Beautiful children! I like your new look blog too by the way :)

  6. Oh, my son does the same with my coffee cup! Who knew that 1 year olds can develop a taste for coffee? I REALLY am enjoying your blog- especially the gorgeous and varied photography. I could (and just might) spend hours browsing through your past few months. Can't wait to see your next week's 'this moment'.

    Greetings from Norway,


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