Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy busy

10am this morning, Sam and Bella were out in the garden in their pj's. Sam was busy building sandcastles to defend the 'goodies' against the 'baddies' whilst Bella was climbing on and over the raised beds.

Sam's imagination has suddenly sparked. At one point today he was upstairs in the bedroom preparing a 'show'. I had to sit on the bed whilst he produced/directed his show and positioned Bella behind the curtains to Bella's room. (Bella doesn't have her own room but I have made her a space sectioned off with curtains under the eaves of our room. It's very cute. Usually it is Sam's cafe but today it was the theatre). The show lasted approx. 5 seconds of a little dance and promptly falling over!

Bella napped for 3 hours after her busy morning so Sam played 'shop' in Scott's trailer (?!) using flower petals as his currency and sand as his products. This enabled me to do some gardening but I had to frequent the shop several times with flower petals to purchase made up items.

After Bella's nap, she was back outside. Grabbing a little spade she quickly set off to the raised beds to dig up the newly planted onions and then to pick some more daisies. She has become much more vocal in the last few days saying things like "what's this?" "where's daddy?" and "tractor".  I just hope she'll start walking soon as she's wearing her little chubby knees out.


  1. three hour nap sounds great-
    Looks like you are having a great time in the garden- Spring is springing.

  2. Lovely, I so enjoy hearing about the capers of your two gorgeous children, Andrea and your photos are beautiful x

  3. that first shot has sound to it it is so vibrant! i love it.


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