Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paper planes

Scott has been making paper planes for Sam. He loves them and we each own one with our names on. I did try and make one whilst Scott was out working but failed miserably. I'm going to buy Sam a book on how to make paper planes. I'm sure he'll love that.


  1. i am seeing visions of you finding a cool vintage french publication on les avion de papier. did i get that right? i love the colors in your home andrea. that embroidered pillow is wonderful. it looks like something from anthropologie. do you know the store? it's my favorite.

  2. Oh, I remember this Andrea!! I did end up buying my son a book on them, which he still uses from time to time (he is now 21!!). It actually would keep both my son and daughter busy for hours on day when the weather was just not nice enough to be outside.
    Your little Sam is such an adorable little one!


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