Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another dress for Bella and a little rug

Another dress for Bella made from vintage fabrics. I used the same Lotta Jansdotter pattern and found I had improved quite a bit, though not perfect. I added a pocket and a different fabric for the bottom, though this wasn't intentional! I have been promised the lovely old wooden table which is in the barn covered in wood shavings. I've been trying to obtain this for ages - it's too nice to be used as a workbench in my opinion. It will make a huge improvement on the bedside table I'm using at the moment :)

I'm done with the rug for now. After all the time and effort it still looks so small. I'll start again when I've accumulated more fabric. I do love it though.


  1. LOVE the dress. Almost makes me want to make one for my little one- even though he's a boy :)

  2. Andrea, the dress is beautiful, and look at that rug!!
    Wonderful work!!

  3. Both are so sweet and beautiful. I was thinking of making this dress for mine when she is a little bigger. Isn't it a lovely book?

  4. Aye Aye Aye, I am in love with both!!!

  5. Oh, so pretty! Both the dress AND the rug. Great job!

  6. Oh my gosh you made this rug? it's so lovely. I'm here from Anushka (journey). What a sweet blog you have.

    I need to begin on my rug again. thank you for the inspiration.


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