Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The damson, apple and pear trees are now in blossom. The camillia flowers are dropping everywhere and the peony is about to come out into flower. I'm trying not to cut too many tulips! The weeding season has commenced. We're determined to try and keep on top of them this year, We don't mind being outdoors in the lovely weather at the moment even if it is to pick weeds....maybe I'll just leave a few :)


  1. beautiful blossoms! you're so lucky you get to see the seasons through your garden. it's a beauty to behold.

  2. Oh I'm liking the look of that garden. We don't have big enough seasonal changes here to have cherry blossums and magnolia's much...doesn't really last.

    They are my favourites!

  3. I love the beautiful tones you have achieved in these flowers, exquisite, deliciously attractive. Really beautiful.


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