Sunday, April 24, 2011


Scott pointing out 2 snakes in the grass!

We had a lovely week of sun whilst Auntie Saranne and Uncle Rob visited. Sam had fun playing with Auntie 'See-ranne' and Uncle Rob and Saranne actually managed to tame Bella who doesn't normally let anyone else carry her. Bella has also developed a taste for black olives along with pasta....her Spanish root? And it wouldn't be the same without a family paella and a board game where someone can't help cheating.


  1. Lovely pictures, miss you all already! Give the little ones a kiss from me please x x x

  2. i love how i feel like i'm looking through old photo albums when i look at your pics. they really tell great stories - like a film of freeze frames. the kids look they had so much fun! family is the best!

  3. Paella! I LOVE paella. Haven't had it in years. Bought myself a cool paella pan like the one in your picture in Spain probably 20 years ago.

    I love seeing all of your pix! They always spark a sweet memory.


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