Saturday, April 30, 2011

House building

Sam often says to me when Bella has gone for her nap, "mummy, I think I want to do something with you" and often I'm not prepared for any creative activities. Except a couple of days ago when I had the bright idea of making a house from a large cardboard box. Thankfully, we found the box which Bella's pram arrived in and we set to work transforming it into a house. After 5 minutes of painting, Sam declared fatigue and retreated to inside the house whilst I continued to paint. He wasn't too tired to shout orders though of which colour I should paint where. I think he'll make a great project manager one day!


  1. Children love a den don't they? I recognise the scenario of my children telling me what to do instead of painting/making themselves too!

  2. Boxes are such great toys for little ones to play with, your little ones look like they enjoy their new house you made. xo

  3. i love sam's antics. he's much like ez. i love this idea and think you're a grand mum to do it!


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