Wednesday, April 20, 2011

T-shirt designs and other creations

Using building blocks and masking tapes to make a seed tray.

Making little men out of lego and lego cars
I've stopped nagging Sam to draw and paint. He doesn't ever seem too interested - only occasionally. I casually leave pens and paper around the house and sometimes he surprises me. He seems naturally drawn towards inventing things using materials around the house. However, the fabric pens which arrived the other day, were an instant hit!


  1. Oh Charlie was exactly the same. Lego all the way! But just recently he is loving drawing and actually wakes up and immediately starts to draw. I think school as given him the joy of creating. It will come! Lou x

  2. That was a wonderful idea Andrea. Sam looks like he's had a great time with lots of creating going on. xo

  3. great art work and such a great idea with the seed trays

  4. hmmm.... i bet he'd love window markers or paints and bathtub paints. but, i've always had the worst of experiences with getting them to clean up easily.. i like the lego man. that's genius!


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