Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chateau de Valencay

We visited Chateau de Valencay today with my parents for Sam's birthday, which is tomorrow. I chose this Chateau as it is especially centred around children with a small farm, fantastic playground and a maze. We did a small tour of inside the Chateau, where Sam giggled at the naked statues. It was well worth the drive :)

Peacocks everywhere and Bella had no fear.

Bella eating the bread rather than feeding the animals.

Grandad the big kid.


  1. I always remember a few visits to places like this as a child, and the images of those days are still clear! I'm sure they had a lovely time. P.s thankyou for adding strong southerly to your blog list...xx

  2. Beautiful, hope to visit here one day!

  3. Love the pics sis, and hope Sam had a lovely day :-) xxx

  4. beautiful castle! what a wonderful outing and so sweet that it was in honor of sam. he has sprouted just in time for his fourth birthday - he looks older, taller, and definitely like a 4 year old! love the pics of your adorable ones and the one of your family behind the painting is the best one of those i've ever seen! looks like a fun day!

  5. I love Valencay! I've visited a couple of times with my parents on our way to the south in summer.

    Lovely castle, famous ex-inhabitants. I can imagine you had a beautiful day there!


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