Friday, May 20, 2011

Hotting up!

It's been more like summer here than spring. With temperatures reaching 29 degrees yesterday, we've been taking frequent breaks inside to cool down.

I've been trying to brighten some of the dull old furniture up with whatever paint I could find and Bella has been helping as you can see. I painted the fireplace which was a black marble like colour and brightened up the walls with  fabric - what else.

For now, Sam is playing with his birthday presents. Patch the dog ate the legs of all his dinosaurs, so I bought him a new lot, which hopefully will stay in one piece!


  1. Oh no poor Sam, lucky he has some new dinosaurs to play with. I love the fabrics you've picked to decorate the walls with especially the brown and yellow, it's very pretty. I hope your weekend is a wonderful one. xo

  2. Me too with the fabrics - lovely vintage prints. Love the blog look too.

  3. i like the idea of fabric, and bella looks like a good helper :)


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