Monday, May 2, 2011

The last week of April

April was fantastic. The umbrella has been up providing shade in the garden, it's been that hot.
Sam has started dressing himself which is so amusing. He doesn't give up and gets there in the end. He said something very funny earlier. He's independent in going to the loo now - normally he likes me to stand guard at the door, convinced there are dinosaurs or the green man (?) there. I'm always reminding him to wash his hands because of the 'germs'. He can't understand this as he can't see the germs. So, after venturing to the loo alone earlier, he ran down the stairs and said "mummy, I've been to the toilette all by myself and I've washed my hands  - see no worms!"

Also, there have been very important stone searching missions around the village, picking up 2 easter eggs along the way from our neighbour.

Cutting roses which are in abundance this year. The scent is amazing.

Bella has been doing equations on the chalkboard - that's what it sounds and seems like. She wears a serious face and moves sideways making dashes and dots. Doesn't take after her mother in the mathematical department.


  1. Absolutely wonderful photos- I love the ivy pic.
    so cute that Bella is doing work on the board.

  2. that a secret garden door I see??

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos. Loving your daughters dress and just look at that little door nestled in the ivy.

  4. love your snap shots of april! that is too funny about sam and the bathroom! : ) and fresh-cut roses...ahhh...i can't wait for that!

  5. haha! well the green man must be with ezra because i've been standing guard at the loo ever since moving to california... we just recently read the book, "germs are not for sharing" to ezra so he would understand more about the importance of hand washing. he prefers to use "hand tanatizer."


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