Monday, May 23, 2011


I am terribly disorganised when it comes to sending greeting cards and the main reason is that cards in my local shopping area are truly awful and expensive and I never think far enough in advance to order them elsewhere. So yesterday Sam and I set about making a card for my mum's birthday and as he loves sewing at the moment, we decided to make a fabric card. I think this is the way forward. I just need a good card stock.

p.s. since Sam was ill the other week and lost near to a kilo, he has not stopped eating and looks happier and healthier for it :)


  1. Your handmade card is beautiful Andrea, your Mum will adore it. Handmade cards are so much nicer and much cheaper too:) It's great to hear that Sam is feeling much better. Have a lovely Tuesday. xo

  2. he does look great and so does that card! you are right - they are the new best thing! i must make one one day...

  3. sam looks like he is so happy with his card (he's gorgeous) and your mom is going to be even happier (i'm sure of it!) never mind the card stock, it's just perfect.


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