Thursday, May 12, 2011

My creative space

I'm making bunting today for Sam's birthday. A quick version using my pinking shears as I don't have time to hem every piece of fabric. I'm using vintage fabric I found in Emmaus, the charity shop. For the string, I'm using red ribbon which I kept from our wedding nearly 5 years ago!

I made Bella another pair of trousers. This time I lined them (for crawlability!) with the same material I used for the back pockets. And, the lovely Japanese pattern book I got the other day. I hope I can successfully make something as the title does say 'easy clothes'.

More creative spaces :)


  1. i love any type of bunting!
    it's such a smile inducing craft ♥

  2. You have been very busy. I love the fabric you're using for Sam's bunting and the pinking shears affect is great for boy bunting. Bella's trousers are so cute and it looks like they get the tick of approval for sturdiness looking at her crawling everywhere. Enjoy your new book.xo

  3. Lovely!:)
    Glad to read below that the little ones are on the mend!xx

  4. so cute! you are becoming a very prolific sewer andy. i'm very excited to see the production line... and all japanese patterns are always so clean and simple as well as being fashionable. can't wait for those... how special about the wedding ribbon going into the birthday bunting. that's what homemade is all about!

  5. Love the bunting fabric... and of course Bella's new trousers! Sam's birthday bunting is going to be very special! Anxious to see how well the patterns work from the new japanese sewing book.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. I like the idea of a quick birthday bunting. That golf fabric is quite nice- now you've got me thinking about making a new bunting (on my own- had a little help from my mom last time) and knee reinforcement on toddler pants. Why don't they sell all pants for kids 6 months- about 3 years with little patches on the knees?

  7. The bunting fabric is just delightful! I do love a good vintage fabric - especially if it comes at a good price! :)


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