Monday, May 9, 2011

To the lake

We took a trip to the lake on Saturday, which is where we will most likely be all summer when the outdoor pool opens. Lucky for us the bar has opened for the season, so we decided to chance lunch. Not something we do too often with Bella. She did behave herself though after the owner kindly brought her a bowl of olives (!?) and Sam was content with ice cream and ever more content when other children arrived to play on the playground. We returned home to find Katty waiting for us.  


  1. those boats photograph well but don't seem trustworthy.

  2. what a dreamy day. what did bella do with the olives? love the picture of her in the shade of the tree. i can just hear the birds chirping above her.

  3. I love that olives were given to your baby bella, she must have enjoyed them even if she didn't like the taste (my own used to play with them through dinner whenever they were on the table).

    the lake looks pretty!


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