Saturday, June 11, 2011

A bit of blue

I had a mad moment the other day and painted the dull (I thought they were) kitchen tiles blue. As I started, I began to panic and wonder what trouble I would be in when Scott returned from working. I had started so I had to finish and pray it looked ok. 

As Scott drove onto the driveway I opened the front door, which he thought was strange. He looked at me, then glanced at my blue spotted hands, saw a blue 'glow' coming from the kitchen and said "you've painted the kitchen blue haven't you?" Too late! 

He likes it! I like it :)


  1. So pretty! And I love the little frames going up the stairs- is that fabric in them?

  2. i love your taste. its beautiful...!

    maya `

  3. hahaha! you sound just like my mother. that's what she was always guilty for. i remember growing up every summer coming home from my month in germany with my grandparents, wondering if my mom had painted my room a new color again. she loved to change the colors in our home. the latest thing she's done with tiles is in her living room, she put marble looking contact paper on them making it look like she has a real marble fireplace. they actually look quite real. you'd never notice they were stickers.
    the blue looks great andrea - and makes all of your things pop!

  4. your babies probably think you are magic, bringing about these changes with a pot of paint and a brush. it's good you both like it, of course it helps that it looks so charming (wish that you could come do my kitchen).

  5. it looks amazing, blue is a lovely colour in any room xo

  6. I think it looks wonderful Andrea!!

  7. I love it too. Any chance you want to come to my house and paint mine too???


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