Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lately making

Over here, we've been keeping ourselves occupied making a few things.

Another dress for Bella. I'm enjoying using contrasting fabric for the binding and button loops. Just the little things count.

Yummy biscuits from a recipe kindly shared by the lovely Siri. Although, they look nowhere near as nice as Siri's. I did try them with choc chips but bizarrely Sam didn't like them. The syrup though, is definitely a winner!

Nigella's 'the cake' is so good. I've made it 3 times since Sam's birthday and it gets gobbled up very quickly!

And not to forget poor Bella who is a lover of savoury food. Her favourite food at the moment is plain bread. I've started making her a loaf and she happily picks the inside out. The warm weather is perfect for the bread rising.

Scott and Sam have been busy making all-sorts (beyond me). This is supposed to be a helicopter (?). Sam was thrilled when Scott shared his real tools and parts to make these.


  1. I always enjoy stopping by your space to see what you've been doing Andrea. Mmm fresh bread is my favourite too. It's funny how the eat the insides out, my little girl does it too:) Have a great day tomorrow. xo

  2. so nice that you have the time and space to make. isn't life great?


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