Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our creative space - Rainbow mobile

I try and keep Sam's craft cupboard fairly stocked with items I think he will use. A few weeks ago, there was a packet of paper plates he wanted to use. He set to work cutting them in half and sticking most of them together. That was it! I couldn't throw the remainder of the half plates away. It seemed a waste, so they have been sat in the cupboard ever since.

Yesterday, he wanted to cut and stick plates again. However, to his disappointment, they were already cut in half. I suggested painting rainbows on them and making a mobile. He wasn't too enamoured with this idea, but when I told him we would need a stick he was suddenly interested. It just happened that I bought him a pair of binoculars (nock nocks to him) from the charity shop, which he hasn't stopped using. (Also, he took it upon himself to dress as your stereotypical trainspotter...?) He set out into the wilderness (garden) with his binoculars to look for a stick. In the end, we asked Scott to cut a piece of bamboo. Sam loves it and I know when a craft project has been successful when it's the first thing he asks for when he wakes in the morning.

It was a great project and adds even more colour to our house.

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  1. What a great little project and a very clever way of interesting the little guy in the project.

  2. you're such a clever mum! and i love sam's trainspotter look.

  3. That's great and I'm sure it brightens up every room. No wonder he is so in love with it! :o)

  4. You are a genius, and he is such a sweet little one. I remember the first pair of binoculars my son had. he promptly took them apart to see how they made things "grow!!!" Even now at almost 22, he still does the same thing. The "toys" have gotten a bit more expensive though!!!! :-)


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