Friday, July 15, 2011

The Actors

We trundled down to our favourite spot in the village with bonbons and icecream only to find our patch had been invaded by a group of actors, I presume were rehearsing for their performances during August for the Festival des Bouchures.

Sam was transfixed and didn't want to leave. I think he did realise they were acting and not trying to kill each other.


  1. Such beautiful photos. You constantly make me want to up and move to france. Everything seems so much more...cultivated. Actors here would not look so classy, it would more likely be a bunch of crazy hippies with dreads. As for the background of old stone walls and clipped find that far and few between. It all has so much more gravity? depth? ( I think the world I am looking for may be culture) somehow.

  2. Amazing pictures, looks like a lovely spot xo

  3. what a great life experience to stumble upon for sam. i love things like this. watching the creative process unfold before our eyes. such a great impromptu show for sam. he looks wiser from it walking back in thought with his ice cream cone.


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