Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The weather has taken a nosedive, though I prefer cooler temperatures compared to the 32 degrees we've had recently.

I've been de-cluttering our house. A hoarder in a small house doesn't work, so I've been harsh and cleared cupboards and drawers out. I've still a way to go :)

Sam and I made a short story. We've been inundated with Ladybugs in the garden this year. Sam has had fun catching them and keeping them in a box and I wanted to make him understand on his own that this was perhaps a little cruel.  We made a little book about Lydia the ladybug who was taken from the garden and kept prisoner in a box. After realising, she was scared, lonely and hungry the little boy put her back in the garden with her friends and family. After telling this story Sam limits his ladybug admiration by picking them up and putting them straight back in the garden.


  1. that's awesome. i love how you taught sam. by just telling him he would have never learned compassion. well done andrea!

    i love the dream catcher, have you read books on native americans? and i love marie claire ideas (sp?) even if i can't read it!

    good for you on the declutter, it always feels so good, i like empty space too.

    lovely sweet photos.
    xo lori

  2. I love your posts. And your amazing photos too. Loving the pencil header its gorgeous. Do you use cross process on your images..they have a dream like quality. Lou x

  3. ezra and i just started making little books too! when we were staying in that little hotel when we first got here, he could only take a shower. no tub. so he overcame his dislike for showers and took one and loved it! so we wrote a story afterward about his triumph. i like the idea you had of teaching sam with the book you wrote for him. i'll remember that in the future. it was actually ezra's idea to make the book about him taking a shower.

  4. What a lovely little story! I need to do something similar with Flora- the number of bugs and insects that have starved to death in her bug box....

  5. That is such a lovely idea and you have a really lovely blog... look forward to following your adventures over the coming weeks and months! x Nicole - Bubby Makes Three

  6. beautiful little snippets of the home. Such a lovely way to teach him to respect nature - lovely story!

    Oh, and happy belated Bastille Day...sounds like you had fun x


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