Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rainy days

I can't remember how many days it has rained and the forecast is more rain! Maybe we had summer already in April? We're in week 3 of the school holidays and we've adapted to slower days and my initial worries of keeping Sam entertained were unnecessary. He has been playing with his Bakugan (sp?) for hours and hours. He talks to him, baths him, brushes his teeth and even takes him to the loo! And of course to bed. Last night Bakugan had a cough and needed medicine. Sam has never done this before with toys and it is very sweet. Oh, he loves him too.

Bella has been busy in her cafe cooking up bread and has been dancing with Sam in his bedroom to all my old cd's I found the other day. Loving Stevie Wonder on a rainy grey day :)


  1. we went through a Bakugan faze- cute photos.

  2. I love the colours! It's cute when kids role play... the medicine thing is too sweet!

    Sams room looks gorgeous - I'd love to see more!!
    P.S - Nothing beats Stevie Wonder!

  3. we did some painting this arv too. So much rain- its crazy!

    xo em

  4. i can't imagine your kids ever getting bored in your treasure trove home. or with you as their mum! you're so creative. : ) "i just called, to say, i love you!!!!" favorite song when i was a kid...

  5. I hear you, girl ! this July has been awful here in Brittany. I'm tired of baking workshop, boardgames, streaming watching etc... with my daughter ! the other day she said : why get up anyway since it is the same boring rainy/cloudy weather...

    I find your colorful bunting boosting though, maybe I should make one ?!

  6. Ahhh rainy days can get you down but it sounds like your little ones are having fun inside. The cooking looks like lots of fun, so cute. xo


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