Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach happy

A lovely afternoon with a friend on the beach at our nearby lake. It's packed in August with a holiday resort atmosphere. Sam is so confident in the water now and Bella has no fear whatsoever. At one point she discreetly shuffled over to another patch to knock over someone else's sandcastles.

On another note, earlier this evening Sam out of the blue demanded to know "where does skin come from?" I had no idea how to answer this sudden question and he got very cross when I explained it started "in mummy's tummy" and that he was born with skin . But he wasn't satisfied with that. He liked the idea of asking Mr Google, but still I couldn't find a satisfactory answer. So if anyone out there would like to offer a 4 year old an explanation of where skin comes from, I'd be so grateful :)


  1. i love that boy. he says the cutest things. i will have to think on that for a while. i'll ask the doctor later. : ) hehe... i love these photos and the montage you created - how pray tell? and your little stories always make me smile.

  2. i love this too, so so sweet. your photos are so nostalgic and beautiful.

    i might tell him skin comes from cells, it starts as a few and grows into a body (covered in skin). good time for a biology lesson?

  3. What a beautiful day to go out and play with friends, the weather looks hot and summery again which you must be enjoying:) I think Lori ann has a great answer for your curious boy, hopefully he was satisfied. Children can ask the trickiest questions sometimes can't they:) xo

  4. usual response is "shall we wait till dad gets home? i'm not sure."

    great pics. is that a slide? looks amazing. x

  5. Beautiful set of photos - they just make me feel all dreamy and summery! Sorry no advice on the skin question but like Lori anne's answer above too.

  6. Oh boy!! That was a question I don't ever remember getting, and it's a good thing because like you, I don't know how to answer it. I think Sam's "Mr. Google" idea is the best chance we have here!

    Keep looking Mom!!! :-)

  7. that's a hell of a question! :D
    Let me see... I think I would say that, in the eyes of god, we're all shining knights but he doesn't want us to fight each other, so he gave us this fragile armor to protect our bodies, the skin. But we have to take care of it, not harm it, and be gentle and friendly to every one, because, even though it is king of magic and can heal itself when you have a scratch, a big wound is very hard to fix.

    hum... I don't think I would convince him with that! :)

  8. I'm looking forward to spending afternoons at the beach when the weather warms up in the coming months(last days winter here in Australia)

    I have no idea how to answer the skin question - good luck with mr google xo


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