Monday, August 22, 2011


And a few other animals mixed in there too. Poor Thomas got ambushed as well.

Sam is on his way to the airport with Scott to pick up Auntie Saranne and Nana on the plane*. Auntie Saranne is here for 5 days and Nana on the plane for 10 days :)

* About a year ago Sam decided to distinguish his two Nana's  (my mum and Scott's mum) by calling Scott's mum 'Nana on the plane' as she lives in the UK and sometimes comes by plane and my mum is 'Nana on the boat' because she used to have a boat. She no longer has a boat but I think these names will always stick!


  1. Dinosaurs are so cool! I love them all in the stone wall. I can't wait to teach my boy about them.

    Sam x

  2. hooray for nanas and aunties visiting! enjoy your family time! love these pics. what a fun play time.

  3. love the dinosaurs on the rock wall photo.

  4. haha, that is so cute, i see thomas in the wall too. i like the giraffe with those dinosaurs. little boys. sigh. sam is so darling.

    enjoy the visit! fun family times ahead!

  5. That's so cute. I bet that he will always remember them that way, it's very sweet. Have a wonderful time with your visitors. xo

  6. That's quite a collection!
    He looks so happy with them!

  7. Thats adorable - It's wonderful to get a peek of the inner workings of their minds xo

    Enjoy your vistors xo

  8. isn't it funny how every little boy that age goes through the dinosaur obsession phase. totally cute though. i just feel bad for poor thomas over there stuck on the wall all by himself. bless.
    enjoy the family time!

  9. Gorgeous photos of the dino phase. I giggled at the Nana titles - that's lovely :)


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