Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fog and blackberries

We woke to a thick fog yesterday. I could just see the sun trying to peek through the fog over the old bread oven.

In the afternoon I picked blackberries, risking getting run over on the corner in the road. It was waste of time as the pie I made for friends over for dinner last night was truly awful. Thanks Delia - maybe French blackberries are different from English ones!


  1. Even if they didn't taste nice they sure look pretty xo

  2. That photo of the water droplets on the web is very special. Those blackberries do look lovely sorry they didn't taste as nice as they looked:(

  3. Surely the pie couldnt have been that bad?? They certainly look yummy!

  4. beautiful, and how could you know? it's true they do look yummy!

  5. Sorry to hear about your pie. Sometimes you just get a bad lot and they taste a bit off. We experienced that last week - the berries had been sitting in the sun for too long :(

    But they look VERY yummy!
    xxx mervi

  6. Jeeze, my mind is so focused on work that when you I saw "fog and blackberries" I thought you were talking about BB the phone... aie aie aie, time for me to have a serious break and enjoy some real blackberries, ha! Bon dimanche xx


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