Thursday, October 6, 2011


I think the only reason I've been wishing for cooler weather is so I can dress Bella in her new tights! Stripy ones, spotty ones ......

She's getting much wear out of those wellies. She loves walking in the garden picking up various autumn treats and chasing chickens.

On an unrelated note, the other night a couple came over to the house to see Scott about work. An english couple who had retired in France. Sam took an instant liking to the lady and as she left, he gave her a kiss and said "you're old". I'm hoping she saw the funny side and will come back again. You can always trust the little ones to say what they think :)


  1. Bella does look so cute in her stripy tights and wellies and that little toddler hand picking up things, is so special I miss my little ones hands:) Children are always so honest aren't they I'm sure she will see the lighter side to his words:) xo

  2. ahhhh....I love to come to your blog and gaze at your photos. I always feel a sense of calm and peace when I look at them. Love that first one. The blue on blue!

    And what kind of chicken is that? She's so pretty. Is she laying eggs? I'm still waiting for ours to lay one already! :)

  3. hee hee! As the French say "la verite sort de la bouche des enfants". Sam is just proving this expression right!
    Gorgeous photos. So jealous of all that outdoor fun!

  4. well you know i noticed the tights. i am not having a girl, so will just have to dress myself like bella. : ) sam is so cute. : ) good thing you write all this down for him to read one day.

  5. If just for one day, the whole world could be as innocent (and accepting) as a young child...
    The last image here is superb Andrea!
    I picture that enlarged and hanging on a wall. Just gorgeous!
    Have a beautiful weekend my friend!

  6. oh i love those baby tights, i used to have pairs for hannah when she was small too. i ordered a lot from hanna anderson, i don't even know if their still around. it was such a cute company, they had a lot of striped clothes, so adorable.
    i love the things kids say.

  7. I love to dress my yougest girl in tights too - they just scream cuteness don't they?

  8. I already know I'm going to smile before reading one of your posts, Andrea. Yes, I love the tights and boots combo. And kids are so funny, aren't they? Sure the woman saw the funny side too x

  9. What a sweetheart. Love the childlike innocence!

    The colours in these pics are gorgeous - and I love her little collection! x


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