Friday, November 4, 2011


secretly eating the biscuits he made behind the kitchen door

We've been on our own this week. Scott was in the UK, up North. Bella didn't understand where her daddy was. So, she kept asking and opening the front door looking for him. Sam patiently explained again and again of his whereabouts.

It's getting dark early and I'm liking the novelty of closing the shutters and not so liking lighting the fires, as it takes me several attempts.  That noveltly is quickly wearing off. I wouldn't be good in a survival situation!


  1. Bella looks so forlorn... absence is so hard to understand. Hopefully the weekend will be better. Lovely photos, as always

  2. hey, you're managing to survive without a man around! ;) I always let mine do the fireplace thing, for the well being of our mental sanity.

    You are surrounded by love, hold on to it and the days will go by faster than you know.

  3. oh so adorable, you could have called this post thumbs. i love bellas in the strap and sams giving the a ok.

    good scott is back to help you with that tricky fireplace....wish i had one...

  4. I wouldn't either Andrea. Cannot get a good fire going no matter how hard I try!
    Lovin those little hands and feet here!
    Have a great weekend my friend!

  5. I think I would be eating those biscuits too - I do love a biscuit!

    And as for Bella opening that door looking for dadda - very sweet and a bit teary too.

    Such gorgeous kids you have.

  6. i love bella in suspenders! are those from sam? so cute! great one of sneaky sam too. : ) you need Skype for weekends like these.

  7. This post makes me smile. I just spent an hour trying to light the fire, going from I can do this, to an almost childlike tantrum by the end. It lit in the end......because hubby came back and did it! Love the sneaky biscuit munching photo :)

  8. Bella is looking cute as ever in her suspenders. It's hard when Dad isn't home, it's hard for little ones to understand. I'm looking forward to summer arriving here in one way but I still prefer to be inside and nice and cosy. xx

  9. Love the thumbs up he's giving his biscuit. Too cute he swiped it.

    And how sweet that Bella kept checking outside the door for Daddy. Great capture.


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