Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In Paris # 2 in the rain

I told you the wind and rain didn't stop us. Montmarte was especially bad way up there. A sugary donut and coca cola gave Sam a quick fix and the birds came to join us too. The poor stall holders couldn't keep their brollies in one place.


  1. These are delicious pictures! Really feels like paris.
    Oh, sam looks so cute!

  2. is the hue in your shots from the weather? it's wonderful. so parisian - and in the rain. makes me think of "midnight in paris" when the girl says paris is her favorite in the rain. good for you guys not letting a little weather (or a lot of weather) stop you! sam is such a handsome little boy. and why is coke better in foreign countries? i want to drink that one down in one sip!

  3. Oh Paris - I do love you - Sun, rain, hail, so beautiful.

  4. Oh, you guys are so unlucky with the weather! It's been amazing here all autumn except for this past week. But Paris in the rain is still beautiful. Love your photos lady! xx

  5. Only Paris could be this beautiful in the rain Andrea!
    Your photographs are simply wonderful.
    I wish you a most beautiful Christmas.
    Big, big hugs to Sam and Bella!

  6. finally time to peek in here and see what you've been up to.

    i hope you had a GREAT christmas. the children probably made it super exciting. my own wouldn't wake up, and then wanted to go surfing! haha, times sure have changed.

    love montmarte, and coming along with you.

  7. Looks like you had to endure quite a storm! Gorgeous photos :)


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