Saturday, January 21, 2012


There's not a lot to do in the countryside in winter. So, when the sun is out we find ourselves walking. Sam loves holding Patch - his dog now and Bella just loves walking. Slowly, I admit but she likes to take her time - picking up sticks and examining them and erm looking through peoples windows (no-one was in, thank goodness!).

Sam is the sweetest boy. In the first photo Bella was having a stubborn moment and wouldn't move any further. Usually, when Sam does this he realises we've walked off and runs to catch us up. Bella will stay there all day. So, Sam went back and told her of a game he wanted to play with her just to get her to move. I love the way he doesn't hesitate and has it in his nature to do things like this. Yes, they do fight  alot too :)

The sun isn't shining at the moment. These were taken last weekend. Hopefully, it will return soon.


  1. Good thinking, Sam! That's very cute. And I love the little pops of blue throughout this post. Happy day to you, Andrea :)

  2. one of the things i missed the most about my lake of blogging lately is your beautiful pictures & words.

  3. what i'd like to say most dear andrea is thank you. thank you for letting us have a peek into your world. i love to come here, see your photos, hear your sweet and simple words (that say so much, with so little).
    watching sam and bella growing up with all the darling things they do (hee hee), even the not so darling things too, gives me great pleasure. your such a good mama.

  4. I confess I haven't visited the Buckles for a while. Your lovely post - a little peek at your life and sweet children - has reminded me that I miss it over here. x

  5. God bless thr sticky beak - it was something i always had to resist in Amsterdam.

  6. Your Sam sounds like such a dear, sweet heart. I wish I had a son who had a tender heart like that. He is going to be a great husband and father one day.


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