Friday, January 6, 2012

This and that

I can't believe it's the weekend tomorrow, already! Time flies. Sam has been back to school this week. He just wants to stay home and watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. He got quite upset the other day saying he was never going to find a golden ticket and even if he did he wouldn't be able to understand the contract they have to sign.

And I'm still giggling at what he told me yesterday. It was the way he said it - in a grown up, fed up fashion with lots of shrugs and sighs.
me: "how was school today"
Sam : "it was ridiculous!"
me: "how so?"
Sam: "well, the thing is mummy, Kevin (pronounced Keevan) was sick everywhere. It was not good at all mummy, not good". Big sigh and shaking of head.


  1. That made me giggle! Ps can i move in to your house? Every picture i see of it makes me love it more and more!

  2. This made me chortle on a cold and wet Preston evening :) x x x

  3. Such lovely piccies....and I love that conversation about not having a good day at school!

  4. I love kids conversations like this one - they really can be very funny.
    Oh, and I was very sad when I found out that I was never going to get a golden ticket too!

  5. Oh my, what a wonderful conversation with Sam!! I absolutely love their honesty at that age. it is truly precious.

    It looks like you have 2 little up-and-coming artists!


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